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Te Kotuituinga Mātauranga Pura o Aotearoa

Homai Early Childhood Centre

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Two children on the resonance board

Figure 1 Enjoying a music experience on the resonance board

Group music and movement sessions form part of the programme at Homai Early Childhood Centre. During some sessions we engage the children through Clonker Board activities (figure 1) and children and whānau alike are finding this a very social sensory experience. Continue Reading →

BLENNZ Wellington Visual Resource Centre

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FIgure 1 - Renee helps Shannon learns to navigate her new braille technology

FIgure 1 – Renee helps Shannon learns to navigate her new braille technology

In Wellington we have three braille learners at the intermediate and secondary school levels. The girls are each at a different stage of their schooling, and in their learning and use of braille and assistive technology.  They share a common bond and enjoy each other’s company when given the opportunity.

Renee, in year 9 at Wellington Girls’ College, is a very competent, passionate braille user and is exploring new technologies.  Shannon is in year 7 at Muritai School, a braille user for most of her learning and still able to read some very large print.  She is very sociable and is quick to learn new technology. Nikki is in year 7 at Titahi Bay Intermediate.  She is quite new to braille having lost her vision quite recently and is also learning English. Continue Reading →

BLENNZ Hamilton Visual Resource Centre

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Jayke using his Braille Sense U2

Jayke using his Braille Sense U2

“The World at His Finger Tips”- by Nic Holloway, BLENNZ Hamilton.

In 2013 Jayke’s team successfully applied for a Braille Sense U2 from the Ministry of Education for him.  He is a year 7 student and attends Waihi College in the Bay of Plenty.  Jayke is the first BLENNZ student to have this technology. Continue Reading →

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