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National Developmental Orientation and Mobility (DOM) team – DOM Specialist Positions

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BLENNZ LogoDOM positions (x 2) based in Auckland.

BLENNZ is a national school that provides a network of education services to approximately 1500 learners, birth to 21 years who are blind, deafblind or have low vision with staff located across  14 Visual Resource Centres in New Zealand.

Our mission is to provide quality education and specialist teaching services for children and young people who are blind, deafblind or have low vision. Continue Reading →

What is Developmental Orientation & Mobility (DOM)?

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Being A Thinking Mover!

DOM and body awareness

A learner, who has no sight, is confidently climbing high in a tree

Figure 1 – A Learner who is blind climbing a tree

The student with Vision Impairment needs to have awareness of their own body. This will enable them to move to where they want to be with:

  • Precision – being sure of how to move myself,
  • Fluidity – being able to move in a coordinated and planned manner,
  • Ease – not requiring too much energy,
  • Confidence – motivation and mastery,
  • Purpose – knowledge of where and how,
  • Creativity – for negotiating different situations,
  • Lateral thinking – being able to problem solve.
A learner is being spun by her teacher aide as part of her sensory development programme

Figure 2 – Spinning on an office chair

DOM is about

Encouraging the student with a vision impairment to:

  • WANT to move,
  • WANT to engage,
  • WANT to master their own body and world,
  • WANT to do it independently!

Successful programmes are ones that encourage the student to want to engage in whatever way possible!

A young Learner is walking confidently using her cane to follow the garden edge

Figure 3 – Using a cane to travel

Successful DOM

  • Is when desire to move comes FROM the student,
  • Is NOT overly dependent on other to make it happen.
A Learner is travelling confidently around her school using her cane

Figure 4 – Traveling around school using a cane

 The challenge is

  • How do we encourage, in a motivating way, each student to do as much as they can for themselves?
A learner who is blind is being guided by her supporter.  The supporter is using a firm touch to the Learners arm to help her anticipate that she is about to be turned to the right

Figure 5 – Wheelchair guiding

A learner who has low vision is using a large print map to learn his way around school

Figure 6 – Using maps

 It’s about CONTROL

This happens when the child has learned about their own body, how to move it effectively, and knows how to get to where they want to be.

A learner is crawling and having fun on an airbed to develop her motor and vision skills

Figure 7 – Motor programmes

A young learner is using her cane to visit a cafe

Figure 8 – Cane use in the cimmunity

So, Developmental Orientation and Mobility is about

Control over:

  • BODY, SELF and movement by developing Body Imagery and efficient purposeful movement,
  • The Social environment: expecting and getting consistent interactions!
  • The physical environment: Learning about things and actively engaging with the world.

We want the student to think


  • Because I have been ACTIVELY INVOLVED with learning about myself and world in a positive way!
  • I can do ANYTHING!
  • And…just you try and stop me!”
A young Learner is sitting proudly and confidently after a session playing on an airbed

Figure 9 – Feeling confident

Talk to your local Resource Teacher: Vision for more information about Developmental Orientation and Mobility.
Developed by Moving Forward Ltd and BLENNZ, 2014.

This resource is available for download in both Powerpoint and Word versions.






BLENNZ Developmental Orientation & Mobility (DOM)

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Kia ora and welcome to the beginning of the BLENNZ Developmental Orientation & Mobility (DOM) resource sharing project.  DOM is a Specialist Service – like OT and physio – that school students who have Vision Impairment may be able to access to support their ongoing development of their MOTIVATION to MOVE and engage their world.  Continue Reading →

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