BLENNZ: Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ

Te Kotuituinga Mātauranga Pura o Aotearoa

BLENNZ Southland

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Chill standing on the side of the road, holding his cane, watching and listening as a red car moves past him

Figure 1 – Tait is watching the road to make sure it is safe to cross

Over the past year BLENNZ Southland have embraced the new BLENNZ Developmental Orientation and Mobility Model and have actively included this in day to day practice.

We believe that, with appropriate training and support from a DOM Specialist, RTVs are able to assist learners to develop their orientation and mobility skills in tangible and practical ways. Continue Reading →

BLENNZ Taranaki – In-service Day

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Group of adults standing outside on the grass in a circle wearing blindfolds

Figure 1 In-service participants using blindfolds or glasses

On the 12th of March 2014, BLENNZ Taranaki held an in-service course for the teachers and teacher’s aides working with learners who are blind, have low vision or with complex needs. The course was well attended with 21 participants.

We were fortunate enough to hold this course at a time when Kay Daly the BLENNZ Developmental Orientation and Mobility (DOM) Coordinator was in New Plymouth. Continue Reading →

BLENNZ Assessment and Teaching Services – Visual Resource Centre Regional Days

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Resource Teacher: Vision repairing a cane

Figure 1 Cane repairing skills – Northern Team

Regional Days in 2013 took place at the end of Term 3. This was an opportunity for all Resource Teachers: Vision, in the three regions – North, Central and South, to come together to share and engage in some of the initiatives that are being undertaken from the Annual Plan.

BLENNZ Curriculum

The latest draft of the BLENNZ Curriculum was presented and staff engaged with this valuable document. This document has been worked on at regional days and other BLENNZ consultation opportunities over the last 4 years and continues to grow and develop.

This was the first opportunity for the regional teams to see it drawn together and to gain an understanding of it as a single document. Continue Reading →

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