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Te Kotuituinga Mātauranga Pura o Aotearoa


Welcome to the 2014 BLENNZ Consultation. Your input is very important to BLENNZ.

BLENNZ Consultation 2014.

BLENNZ Draft Curriculum.

“In Aotearoa New Zealand the curriculum is provided through Te Whāriki: Early childhood curriculumThe New Zealand curriculum framework and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. These curricula provide the basis for educating all children, including learners who are blind or low vision.

There is also a body of knowledge and skills specific to blind and low-vision learners that is not inherently addressed in Te Whāriki or The New Zealand curriculum framework. This is known as the Expanded Core Curriculum. The Expanded Core Curriculum is a tool that helps learners who are blind and low vision to access and participate in the regular curriculum, as well as develop independence skills. Adopted internationally, the Expanded Core Curriculum is critical to supporting positive learning outcomes. It is complementary to the regular curriculum and does not replace it.” Stepping Stones.

The Expanded Core Curriculum forms the basis of BLENNZ programmes of teaching and learning.

The Expanded Core Curriculum covers areas of learning such as:

  • Communication skills e.g. concept development, tactile communication, e.g. braille
  • Visual efficiency skills
  • Physical abilities
  • Developmental orientation and mobility
  • Physical education
  • Social skills
  • Life skills
  • Assistive technology
  • Career and future planning

Use the links below to access further information about:

Assistive technology


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