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Referrals to Visual Resource Centres can come from a number of sources including:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Health professionals
  • GSE

All referrals must have parent/caregiver consent and should preferably be accompanied by ophthalmic information. Referral forms are available from each Visual Resource Centre.

No cost is involved in this process.

Who is enrolled?

  • Generally speaking, children need to have a documented eye condition that reduces the child’s vision to around 6/18 or less, AND which gets in the way of their learning at school.
  • A documented eye condition means that the child has seen an eye specialist who reports that this condition exists and the child has impaired vision.
  • An acuity of 6/18 or less means that the child cannot read the bottom (smallest) three lines on the regular eye chart from the normal 6 metres distance, even with their glasses on (if they wear glasses).

The Resource Teacher from your local Visual Resource Centre will liaise with the parents and the school to judge the effect of the condition on the child’s learning, and what special input may be required

The age of the child is immaterial. Children a few months old are enrolled if indicated, as are children of school age.

Please note that while many children wear glasses, few are enrolled with local Visual Resource Centre. This is because their glasses actually fix any error in their vision, and there is therefore no need for special intervention.

Contact BLENNZ

To begin the referral process email BLENNZ and your email will be forwarded to the most appropriate member of our BLENNZ team.

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