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Te Kotuituinga Mātauranga Pura o Aotearoa


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Young child looking up a bright gold bag

Figure 1 – Lukas undergoing a Functional Vision Assessment

In March 2014 we had a visit from the National Assessment Service (NAS). They used rooms at the Forsyth Barr stadium and over the course of three days 16 children were assessed by a variety of specialists.

The visit was valuable as it:

  • Made assessment much easier for children with health issues and families with work committments.
  • Allowed families to mix and mingle whilst waiting for their assessments so parents and whanau could have valuable discussions around their child and share their stories.
  • Provided valuable information for us around the children being assessed and an ability to have discussions around ways forward ‘on the spot’.
  • Connected local MoE Special Education therapists with NAS therapists.
  • Reinforced that we are a National Service and not specifically based in Auckland.

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Thank you to all BLENNZ Volunteers

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Image showing sticky notes saying thank you in 16 different languages

Thank you to all BLENNZ volunteers

A huge thank you to all of our BLENNZ volunteers around the country. The work that you do creates enhanced and inclusive learning opportunities for all our children and young people. Your support is much appreciated and essential to our network of services.

National Assessment (NAS) Team

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Figure 1 Charlotte has fun trying out a hairbrush

Figure 1 Charlotte has fun trying out a hairbrush

Charlotte‘s has light perception and uses a range of sensory strategies and her excellent spatial memory to learn about her environment.

She requires ample time to process verbal information and to explore objects, activities and spaces, so that she is able to appreciate their properties and return to them as her ‘tools’, or for pleasure. Continue Reading →

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