BLENNZ: Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ

Te Kotuituinga Mātauranga Pura o Aotearoa

BLENNZ Services

An introduction to BLENNZ services

The Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ (BLENNZ) is a school that is made up of a national network of educational services for children and young people who are blind, deafblind or have low vision in New Zealand.

Our vision is Every BLENNZ learner is well prepared to achieve in life.

Who can access BLENNZ services

  • Blind and low vision children and young people from birth to 21, or to the end of their schooling
  • Parents and whanau
  • Teachers, teacher aides, education support workers and others involved in the education of the child or young person

What services are offered

National Assessment and Teaching Services

Homai School and Residential Services in Auckland

The Homai Campus School is a specialist school for blind & low vision children & young people and including those with additional disabilities. There are four different programmes within the school:

Homai Residential Services provide residential placements for students who meet the criteria and attend either:

Homai Special Formats Library (Blind Foundation)

The Homai Special Formats Library is a national library service for younger readers. Its collections include:

  • Collage books. Sturdy, hard-covered picture books with large print and braille text and bright, bold collage illustrations.
  • Braille books. Fiction, non-fiction and textbooks for all ages. Many are illustrated with thermoform pictures.
  • Twin vision picture books with clear plastic braille over the original print or with clear plastic braille pages inserted between the original print pages.
  • Talking books recorded on audio cassettes. Fiction, non-fiction and textbooks for all ages.
  • Large print books in 18 point font. Mostly fiction for ages 9 to 16.
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