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iPad Only Club – BLENNZ Christchurch


Ollie sitting in front of his iPad

Figure 1 – Ollie entering his project into his G Drive

BLENNZ Christchurch continues to make the most of their larger facilities by running various programmes for their learners; including music, social and preschool/parent groups.

This year we have started an ‘iPad Only Club”.  The goals and objectives are:

  • Students will be able to trouble shoot issues with their iPad technology in a supportive environment.
  • Three students, one sharing what is on the iPad

    Figure 2 – Lilly-Kate sharing information with other students

    Students will learn new skills in using their iPad and be able to transfer those skills into the classroom environment.

  • Students will develop leadership skills. They will be able to mentor new iPad users.
  • Students will foster a sense of belonging and will feel part of a group and thus empowerment in the use of assistive technology.
  • Students will be exposed to new apps and technologies so as to keep up in an always changing technological environment.

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