BLENNZ: Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ

Te Kotuituinga Mātauranga Pura o Aotearoa

Senior Manager, Regional Assessment and Teaching Services

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Permanent Fulltime

This position involves working as a member of the BLENNZ senior management team who are focused on improving learning outcomes for children and young people. The successful applicant will provide effective leadership and management for the BLENNZ Assessment and Teaching Services and contribute to BLENNZ strategic planning. This is a critical national role involving significant travel. Proven management experience, as well as qualifications and experience in the education of learners who are blind or low vision are essential. Continue Reading →

Homai Early Childhood Centre

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Two children on the resonance board

Figure 1 Enjoying a music experience on the resonance board

Group music and movement sessions form part of the programme at Homai Early Childhood Centre. During some sessions we engage the children through Clonker Board activities (figure 1) and children and whānau alike are finding this a very social sensory experience. Continue Reading →

BLENNZ Auckland – Early Childhood Team

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Child listening to and looking at bellbird stuff toy

Figure 1 Jayden listening to and looking at the Bellbird

“Give me time”

Approximately 70% of the Auckland Early Childhood role have multiple complex needs as well as a vision impairment.  They need to make sense of the world around them through a Multi Sensory approach to learning.

A Multi sensory approach  encourages the development of all the senses, hearing, vision, taste, smell and touch and also enhances the integration of all these senses, developing perceptions and concepts. Continue Reading →