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The Vision Book – My Child, Our Journey

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On Friday 19th September BLENNZ hosted the launch of The Vision Book – My Child, Our Journey, a resource produced by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Ministry of Health, BLENNZ, the Blind Foundation and other sector agencies.

Mary Fisher, who provided one of the stories talks about the launch and how she sees the book helping parents, whānau and families.

Mary’s transcript

Kia ora, I’m Mary Fisher at the book launch for The Vision Book. Ah I think it’s a really good resource for all new parents, ah and family and whānau who find out that they have a child who is blind, low vision or deafblind, um because it is going to bring a lot of different stories from all around the country, all people in different circumstances, so that, you know every parent I think will find something to relate to and um they’re all positive stories.

They definitely acknowledge that there’s going to be frustration no matter what, um and that’s going to be the same for any child whether they have a vision impairment or not, so I think it’s um, a really cool resource and hopefully with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education it will also be beneficial um to, to all families as they go through the journey of having a child who is low vision or blind.

The Vision Book – My Child, Our Journey is available for download from the Blind Foundation in a variety of formats. Or you can request a hardcopy by contacting BLENNZ on 0800 BLENNZ.

BLENNZ DOM Instructors

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(3) Developmental Orientation and Mobility Instructor positions
Employment /Training Opportunity

The three positions will be based in:
1. Northern Region – Auckland or Hamilton
2. Central Region – Wellington or Palmerston North
3. Southern Region – Christchurch
These positions will be part of a regional and national service, travel will be required. Continue Reading →