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Shannon who is in Year 8 talks about how she has achieved her learning goals for 2014

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Hi my name is Shannon and my goal at the beginning of this year was to work on the Internet and getting my emails back and forward to other people, and so far this year I have achieved my email goal. I can now write emails and send them and empty my trash and my emails and probably read emails from different folders and put them into different folders. And I can also to a degree do my Internet goal, all I really need to do with my Internet goal is to be able to use Google more fluently and skip between different websites but if someone gives me a specific website I can go on to it on my Apex. Continue Reading →

The Vision Book – My Child, Our Journey

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On Friday 19th September BLENNZ hosted the launch of The Vision Book – My Child, Our Journey, a resource produced by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Ministry of Health, BLENNZ, the Blind Foundation and other sector agencies.

Mary Fisher, who provided one of the stories talks about the launch and how she sees the book helping parents, whānau and families.

Mary’s transcript

Kia ora, I’m Mary Fisher at the book launch for The Vision Book. Ah I think it’s a really good resource for all new parents, ah and family and whānau who find out that they have a child who is blind, low vision or deafblind, um because it is going to bring a lot of different stories from all around the country, all people in different circumstances, so that, you know every parent I think will find something to relate to and um they’re all positive stories.

They definitely acknowledge that there’s going to be frustration no matter what, um and that’s going to be the same for any child whether they have a vision impairment or not, so I think it’s um, a really cool resource and hopefully with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education it will also be beneficial um to, to all families as they go through the journey of having a child who is low vision or blind.

The Vision Book – My Child, Our Journey is available for download from the Blind Foundation in a variety of formats. Or you can request a hardcopy by contacting BLENNZ on 0800 BLENNZ.

Te wiki tuawaru

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Here are some examples as to how the word of the week can be used everyday.
The examples used here are based on listening to and using Te Reo Māori with people predominantly from Ngāti Kahungunu ki te Wairoa and Tūhoe.

Te wiki tuawaru (week 8/8 September) pahi/bus

Kua tae mai the pahi – The bus has arrived.
Kua haere the pahi – The bus has gone.
Haere ki the pahi – Go to the bus.
Kia tupato. Kei te haere mai te pahi - Be careful! The bus is coming.